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The vision of Living Stones Educational Trust is to share the love of God by supporting children, families and schools in Newton Heath, working holistically to help raise educational attainment and resilience.

LSET has come out of two families living on the Troydale Estate in Newton Heath, Manchester since 1980 and 2004 working alongside members of the local community. Their mission as Christians has been "to reveal Jesus by pursuing justice, truth and wholeness in the community and by living as his family".



Newton Heath is a socially deprived area and brings with it challenges, particularly for schools, in providing support for children with various needs. Living in poverty and low attainment often leads to behavioural issues and can lead to exclusion from school. Figures show that 80% of the prison population have been excluded from school. LSET is concerned to help make a difference in lives of children for whom school can be a challenge and work alongside local schools in supporting them.



Responding to needs with the skills and passions they have; mainly through the Tenants and Residents Association: Christmas grotto events, youth work, litter picks, canal clean ups, individual personal support, supporting the work of the Water Adventure Centre to be established (youth work through canoeing) on the estate.



2015: Homework Club began; receiving support from GM Police, Wates and MCC, Northwards Housing. The club has been run entirely by volunteers from the local community.

2016: volunteers began TLG Early Intervention coaching in a local school.


  • Seeking to support schools in Christian Education

  • LSET becomes a Charitable Incorporated Organisation


  • LSET Charity Launch with the Lord Mayor, local community and a cream tea!

  • Board Games Club and Open the Book begin

  • Diary of a Disciple and It's Your Move workshops delivered 

  • Funding received to deliver Transition Course in May 2020

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